Alexey K.
Lived in the period from July 18 to July 20. Exceptionally polite staff, attentive attitude to the residents. The location area is very convenient for traveling. The metro station "Chernaya Rechka" is a 5-minute walk away, there are many small cafes and eateries nearby with very reasonable prices. The room has a microwave, kettle, refrigerator, TV. Wi-Fi works great. For such a price of accommodation, you will not find anything better in St. Petersburg. Very satisfied!!!
Olga S.
Great hotel. The ladies at the reception are friendly and very worried about their guests and new guests. We were there for the first time. The design takes a little longer than in other places, but everything is clear and neat. And, t k, it took about 20 minutes to register us with the children, we were settled so that we were already settled, and then they called us to sign. It is very convenient, because we were on the road, the children wanted to have a rest already. All requests were answered quickly. All with respect and a smile. We will definitely come to you again.
Alexander K.
Nice hotel near the metro station Chernaya Rechka. In addition to the usual set of rooms, it is worth adding that each room has a full-fledged refrigerator, a laundress in the basement and a kitchen on each floor. There is always a parking place nearby.